• John

    Thanks for posting this synopsis. Gives me the skinny and allows me to postpone watching the whole event until I have the space in my day.

  • Thanks for posting this Cory! I did watch the live broadcast – I like the groups thing but I am REALLY glad they did not do away with lists as I am among the 5% who have made pretty extensive use of the lists feature. However, I will agree that the new groups do sound more “fun” – the lists are definitely more like “grunt work” to create and then maintain. I already use groups as well but now, with the new groups, I will have to think of new ways to use them! Maybe a good place to start a real mastermind area! Peace~ Leanne

  • Anonymous

    I only like download your information feature.

  • Thanks a lot for this post Cory, I wasn’t able to attend the live broadcast because of work etc. So I much appreciate it. I am not sure how I feel about the honing in on the non person personal profiles etc but everything else seems great!

  • Thanks for taking these notes. I heard the story on the radio, but the reporter didn’t understand what “Mark Zuckman” was talking about, so he didn’t do a very good job explaining the new features.
    It’s all clear now. Thank you.
    I’m not sure what I think about it yet, though…

  • Several things came to mind while reading this and watching the LiveStream replay:

    1. These folks are very smart.
    2. Mark shows NO emotion when he talks. Watch his face. No connection between his eyes and his voice. He’s delivered us a terrific product, a way to stay in touch with loved ones and business contacts. He’s super creative. I LOVED “Social Network” and respect him even more after it.
    3. How many CEOs (especially billionaire CEOs) can stand in the front of the room and tell you about the small details of his product? He’s thoroughly involved.
    4. Thanks for sharing this info!

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • Charlie, I agree they’re super smart, they’ve got an entire country sized customer base.
    Mark knows his stuff, and shows no emotion b/c he is a Very analytical thinker, they’re typically not emotionally attached to ideas, thus allowing them to change and adjust systems quickly.

    Thanks for the comment Charlie.

  • I agree, Cory: left brained, analytical thinkers. Fascinating how they come up with a social network to tie people together when they are so detached themselves (or seemingly he is). Admittedly, some of my thinking has been colored by the press surrounding the movie and the supposition that Mark has a bit of Asberger’s – I’ll leave that to others.

    I still find him a fascinating study of passion for his life and product but coldness of personal expression.

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • Great info thx

  • Wow,

    This company really knows how to manage some serious information!

    “the Online carpenter”

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  • hey MD you’re talking about Facebook right?

  • Hey Joshua, its a few days later. How are you liking groups now?

    I’m glad I was able to do a better job then news. Those silly news people, never getting it right 😉

  • Oh yeah, right on gang! Thanks for sharing…

    Mitchell Dillman

  • PS. You’re on page one of Google for this.