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In your entrepreneurial ventures you will run into many different types of people.   Some people will be good for your business, some will be bad to have around your business, some people will be your friends, others your enemies, some are both, some end up being your business’s customers, others become your partners, and sometimes they will have zero effect in your business.   Entrepreneurs should be constantly sorting through the people they meet determining if they’re the right fit for their business and / or life.

Two types of people you will encounter are the “Winners” and the “Whiners”

Winners are Why People – They tell you Why Something Works.

Whiners are Why Not People – They will tell you why something will not work, and cannot be convinced otherwise.

So whats the difference between the two?

Which should you work with?

Should you act as a winner, or as a whiner; the answer should be obvious.

Why People vs. Why Not People.

“Winners” will tell you reasons why you can generate any particular amount of income.  Winners dare to dream.

  • “Whiners” will tell you why it is not possible to ever make 6 or 7 Figure Incomes. – Why not people are skeptics.

Winners will give you every reason why you should take action on your plan. Winners take action.

  • Whiners are people who give you every reason why your plan will not work. – Whiners quit before they start.

Winners will tell you why they’re the right fit to get the job done. Winners have a success mindset.

  • Whiners will give you excuses and reasons as to why they can not succeed.  -Why not people have a fearful mindset

Winners will inspire you, are self motivated, and want to succeed.  Winners are great at #Winning.

  • Whiners will tell you why you’re not good enough.  This is usually because they don’t think they’re good enough or that they can succeed.  If a whiner simply had more confidence, they could shift into becoming a winner.

Winners are people too.  They’re not some type of super human.  They’re just strongly determined to be successful.

  • Whiners tend to personalize everything as if they’re the only one, they’d rather complain then fix a problem.

Winners have a motivation to succeed and make it a priority.  Winners are motivated to grow.

  • Whiners have every reason why they can’t succeed.
  • Example: Their job, not enough time, their family, the weather, their car, etc.  They are suck in their past rather then creating their future. 

Winners make great leaders, mentors and influencers.


  • Whiners will suck your energy dry, they focus on failure, and create more of failure.

So ask yourself, are you being a “why person” or a “why not” person?

And if you’re being a why not person… how is that serving you?

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  •  Basically, this post is #winning and so are you. 

    I used to spend too much time around whiners. Weeding them out of my life was one of the best choices I could’ve ever made. Negative people don’t like me much any more, because I won’t put up with them. 

    Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I choose to spend my time with winners. Way more fun.

  •  Oh and P.S. I take credit for that T-shirt saying. Haha.

  •  haha.  thank you!  That t-shirt motivated me to finish this post too!

  • The power of your inner self, positive thinking and confidence!  Awesome article Cory.  If only more people really understood the points you make here.  AND being around successful, ‘winning’ people is a great way to keep you informed, build alliances and create much more awareness about you and your business.

    Love the tshirt! 

  • I love that. Winner or Whiner. I chose winners. There isn’t enough time to deal with the whiners in the world. Sure I have empathy for the situations they find themselves in but if you have enough energy to whine then you have enough to change your life. Use the energy differently and you’ll find your life changing. So I say hang with the why people! Thanks, Cory!

  • Love this!  And what a great tshirt.  Life’s too short not to choose winners.

  • Anonymous

    I have become really good at weeding the whiners out of my life and business dealings and more and more, being surrounded by winners elevates my game.. and makes everything way more fun 🙂 #winning is  what you are too!