16Sep, 10

C: “I don’t have a job.”
S: “You must have a job.”
C: “No, I don’t have a job.”
S: “How do you make money?”
C: “I have a business.”
S: “That’s kind of a job.”
C: “No it’s not. In a job you focus on making someone else money.
With a business you focus on making your money, and pay those who help you.”‘
S: “Good point.”

Actual conversation.

Do you agree or disagree?
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  • Corey,

    I totally agree! Your conversation made me think of one of the quotes of Winston Churchill, that I love and live by:

    We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
    Winston Churchill

    Thanks for the post!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting and excellent conversation – makes for a nice summary of what we’re trying to do. Only problem is making it happen fast enough ; P

  • As part of the Danny Brown 7 day blog challenge I found your blog. It’s nice and I think useful for me to read. I especially like this short and to-the-point conversation.

  • Emily

    haha! I love it! Agree!

  • met harrison

    In this case.’none of your business’ is a set byword area ‘business’ agency ‘a applicable affair or responsibility’. ‘Job’ does not accept that meaning.

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  • i do not know what you mean mett, can you explain?