• internetGO2GUY

    Hey Cory. That is great to hear. My oldest son and I are saving money in his jar with the extra change I have. Sometimes I empty my pockets 2 times a day because we went out again latter on that day. Soon we will get his 1st savings account at the bank with it. He is learning how to save.

    I too am doing this on my night stand and will place it later in my top drawer or his savings too.

    That was great to hear your favorite step. I like that 10% too. Did someone say, “Chinese Food once a week or a basket ball?”.

    I agree with the, “helping yourself before you can help others” thing because it is so true. Of course, still open the doors for the ladies though. $100 towards your debt can really mean saving $110 because of interest and/or added fees. Get rid of debt as fast as you can!

    I loved your BLOG and thanks for sharing.

  • My gosh Cory – Awesome Post and a good reminder. However I don’t agree that if you have debits to use the money from your Give account, I would compromise and maybe arrange 5% for education and 5% long term account. I believe there is more blessing when you give first. (not to be controversial)

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  • Very informative article thanks

  • beverlymonical

    Great advice here.It is good to learn this at a young age.You are so correct about what you say too.Positive statements are so much better.
    Thanks Cory.

  • Cory,
    This is the most comprehensive posts I've seen on creating a millionaire mindset. You give such great points on changing your self talk to opening a freedom account to really keeping track of hwo & what you spend your money on. Very great points about who you align yourself with. Negative people pull you down & make your dreams seem unattainable.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks so much for such a wonderful share,
    Val 🙂

  • What a great post…I love it! I can't tell you how many people I know who would be poor whether they made $40,000 a year or $400,000 a year. As we begin to manifest the success that we've worked so hard for it's essential to have (or learn) great money skills. After all, it's not about how much you make, it's about how much you keep…..just ask any lottery winner who has squandered away his or her fortune!

    And I love what you say about mindset. Simply put, mindset is Everything…..great job, keep up the awesome work!

  • thanks for the great feedback Lance! With that 10% make sure you're using it on things you wouldn't normal do. I feel like its also an encouragement method to work harder. Don't like how much you have in the fun budget? Make more money.

  • thanks Katey. Giving may be important, but if you can give more in the long run, I say go for it. I've seen someone try to give a lot first after he had a $40k month. Well 3 months later he was out of money. All I'm saying is be careful about giving too much first, because It feels good.

  • I agree. Stuff like this should actually be taught in like 9th or 10ths grade before a student even has a first real job. Learn how to track that money from the start. I wish I did!

  • Thanks Val! This was my attempt to take all that I've learned about that millionaire mindset, condense it, but still provide as much value as possible. I guess it worked! 🙂
    Feel free to share it with others too!

  • “Its about how much you keep.” I love it! Everyone remember that!

  • kylenelson

    Thanks for the AMAZING list! This is so essential in life!

    Will be back soon to check out your great content!

    Kyle Nelson
    ~Customizing, Personal Development, & Marketing Tactics~

  • thanks for the feedback kyle

  • Hey Cory,

    Excellent post my friend. I love T. Harv Eker. My wife and I have learned from him and have used the jars in our house. We have also learned a lot from Robert Kiyosaki through his books and Cash Flow games. I totally agree with your approach here. It works. First mindset, then management, then action!
    Abundance and wealth are there for everyone they just need to align themselves in a way to receive it.

    Thanks again for sharing this.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  • Money mindset, management and last but not least action. A lot of people have one of the three, but very few exercise all three. This post lays it out very clear. Anyone with the aspirations of becoming a millionaire will benefit.

  • My belief is most people only train on one or two of these 3 fields, this article was really a combination of a few different trainings I've done, and I realized if I just combined them all the money mindset would be 1000% stronger. I appreciate the fact that it seems like sooo many people agree with me too!

  • Hey Edward, its really awesome hearing from someone else that they're using this system I've written about!

  • drericagoodstone

    Cory, What an important post! So many “get rich quick” mentors talk about how to make the money. Some talk about creating a wealthy attitude about money. Some talk about taking actions toward attaining the money. But few offer a detailed account of how to manage money, how to build a lifestyle habit of managing money – no matter how much you earn – so that if and when you do make it big, you already have set into place a system for managing the money. Great post.

  • Great post and great content. All the points you made were clear and to the point. I appreciated how specific you were on money and investment allocation.

  • lesly

    Boy! Was this a good read! I took notes! You really do have toclean you own house before you can help others… thank you!

  • Thanks lesly!

  • thanks Eddie! I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!

  • Thanks lesly!

  • thanks Eddie! I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!

  • Paulette Smithwrick

    This is AWESOME!! and true, thank you.

  • Vania Christy Raharja

    Hi cory! Thanks for the post! it’s really true – but some of the point I still don’t understand as I’m learning the new way to manage my money/my self. Can I consult this matter with you via email / privately? I’ve been looking for a consultant / just someone to teach me how to manage / budgeting the money well. Let me know 🙂

  • Alex Vermont

    Wow…this was great. Please do a How to Get Out of Debt article!

  • Thank you Vania.

    I’d be glad to help…

    Check out this post on how I can consult you…

  • Thank you Alex!