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17Dec, 15

After doing this “internet thing” for several years, here are some of my biggest takeaways.   Apply these to your business and you can streamline your journey. 1. No one cares about YOUR business. But they do want to put their NOSE in your business. Solution ⇒ People and Your Potential Customers want to “spy” ... more

8Apr, 15

Yes, you read this title correctly. I decided to create this article after observing a lot of the things that my friend, clients, and business associates say and do in their business and personal lives. Stage 0 – Giving way too many fucks.    This is when you care too much about the outcome.   In fact ... more

22Jun, 11

If you're an Entrepreneur, then odds are you have to be closing sales in order to keep your business running forward. If you're a rookie when it comes to sales, or just looking to refresh your already existing sales skills, I suggest checking out this article.

18May, 11

In your entrepreneurial ventures you will run into many different types of people.   Some people will be good for your business, some will be bad to have around your business, some people will be your friends, others your enemies, some are both, some end up being your business’s customers, others become your partners, and sometimes they will ... more

9Sep, 10

First of all, I’m sorry for not updating my personal blog for the entire summer! Don’t worry, I’ll be showing the 24/7 Entrepreneur site some more love in the coming weeks. The reason for not focusing on this blog recently is because I’ve been working on more of a group project lately. If you have ... more

30Jun, 10

If you've ever spoken to me, or read my blog, you probably have realized by now that I'm a strong advocate for building websites on   A lot of people ask me, "Cory, why should I switch to"  This article is ment to address that question:

Why should your website be built on!